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1D Laser Systems

The Microtrak 4 is the ultimate laser measurement sensor for measuring height, thickness, displacement, vibration, and more, with a sensor frame rate of 40k Samples/sec. and linearity of 0.03% FSO (Full Scale Output) accuracy and repeatability are assured.

High resolution, high speed laser displacement sensor (non-contact linear displacement sensor) utilizes the latest CMOS sensor technology that challenges even the most difficult measurement applications. The Microtrak 3 is an essential measurement tool for process automation, quality control and tool automation control, for applications such as, thickness measurement, dimensional displacement, part profiling, vibrations testing, build-up measurement, and much more.

The Microtrak 3 Thickness Gauge System combines our proven laser triangulation sensors with a modular controller that operates either as a standalone solution or with a PLC/PC. It simplifies thickness applications through high-speed internal sampling and digital thickness computation, reducing errors often encountered with traditional analog summing methods.

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