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MTI Instruments is a Worldwide Supplier who offers Non-Contact measurement solutions through their Non-Contact sensors, Capacitance sensors, Laser products, Fiber-Optic Displacement Measurement Sensor, Signal Generator, SemiConductor Wafer Thickness/Scanning measuring and Turbine Aircraft Engine Balancing Equipment. MTI Instruments' products use a comprehensive array of technologies to solve complex real world applications in numerous industries including manufacturing, semiconductor, commerical/military aviation, automative, and data storage.

American Beauty Tools tackle challenging soldering jobs in production with their Heavy-Duty Soldering Irons and Stations, Resistance Soldering Systems and Solder Pots. Their resistance soldering handpiece are built to provide absolute performance in even the toughest environment. Replacement parts like soldering tips, electrodes and hand pieces are available at your convenient.

Polaris Electronics Corp. manufactures customizable Hermetic Sealing Systems including Projection Welders and Seam Sealers for Microelectronic and OptoElectronic packages including DIP packages, TO, Optical, semiconductor, crystal and custom packages. Besides Welders, Lid Tackers, Spot/Gap Welders, Atmospheric Chamber, Vacuum bake-out Oven and Pass-through Oven are equipment we offer to our customers.

Vibrac manufactures a broad range of Automated and Manual Precision testing systems to accurately measure torque of numerous types of rotational devices. They have Bearing testing systems, Cap Torque test systems, Device Torque test system and various types of Torque Transducers for your selection.

Meran Technology manufactures Fiber Optic Polishers, Clean Room Automation Equipment including Disk Lifters, Thickness Testers, Sorting Devices, Machine Controllers, Fiber Optic Polisher, Fiberoptic Polisher, L130, Thickness Tester, Toaster, Automation Equipment, Sorting Devices, Instrumentation and Controllers.

Stellar Technology engineers and manufactures pressure, temperature and load sensors for a variety of applications - from satellites and space vehicles... to oil and gas exploration... to routine industrial measurements. Since 1991, the company has grown from providing standard sensor configurations into one of the few sensor manufacturers in the market today that will custom design a sensor configuration to most closely match a specific application.

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