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Established in 2000, VAL Technologies Pte Ltd is the Regional Distributor for South East Asia Region. We carry products for non-contact displacement sensing measurement using Capacitance sensors to accurately measure position, thickness, motion, and vibration in micrometer resolution. With our 1D laser and 2D/3D laser thickness measurement sensors, we offer the largest standoff and can achieve sub micron resolution. For measuring high frequency vibration such as with ultrasonic welders or piezoelectric transducers, we recommend our Fiber Optic sensors.

Apart from these, we carry manufacturing equipments that served Semiconductors Industry with Projection and Seam Welders hermetically seals Microelectronics and OptoElectronics packages such as DIP packages, TO, Optical, Semiconductor, Crystal and Custom packages. Featuring user-friendly interfaces and modular design for easy maintenance, delivering the best possible welds and acheiving high throughput.

Our different ranges of soldering irons and production tools come in handy in your production environment.

Customer service is our Top Priority in VAL Tech, the company to provide a high level of Customer Service and Customer interactions in the region which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philiphines and Thailand.

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