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Ergo Soldering Irons

Our Ergo Irons have initial wattages ranging from 60 to 550 Watts with corresponding maximum tip temperatures of 454 Deg C to 566 Deg C. The near 90 degree angle in the soldering iron casing allows the user to operate the iron from an ergonomically comfortable position - reducing tension in the hand and wrist.

Models include : 3125E (60 & 75 Watts), 3138E (100, 130 & 150 Watts), 3158E (200 Watts), 3178E (300 Watts), 3198E (550 Watts) Click here to download product list.

Power Source : 110VAC (Standard), 230VAC (upon request)

Tip Style : Diamond, Chisel (for 3178E & 3198E models only)

Click on the wattage value to download product data sheet.

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