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Pencil-Style Soldering Irons

These Production-Ready Pencil-Style irons repeatedly perform hard soldering applications, day in day out. We have different models providing different power ranges from 20 watts to 60 watts and support temperature ranges from 429 deg C to 610 deg C.

1/4" models 3114(60/75 Watts) and 3125(60/75 Watts) Stick irons offer higher power options.

Models include : 3108(20/25/30) Watts, 3110(25/30/35) Watts, 3112(40/50/60) Watts Click here to download product list.

Power Source : 110VAC (Standard), 230VAC (upon request)

Cord Set Type : US, International (Upon request)

Tip Style : Chisel, Screwdriver

Click on the wattage value to download product data sheet.

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